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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why hire an Interior Designer?

  • It helps clients to avoid making unwise decisions and chaos when it comes to purchasing materials, furniture, lights, etc.
  • One can be confident and proud to show off your property, particularly, if the property is a retail outlet or restaurant where first impressions do matter.
  • A professional interior designer sees and conceptualizes the BIG picture, whereas amateurs more often than not, merely focus on individual issues / materials / colors, etc.
  • A professional interior designer can assist a client on appropriate schemes that suit their lifestyle and budget.
  • Property owners doing their own interior design will usually end up with a "miss-match" or somewhat "chaotic" interior; especially by neglecting consideration of color, lighting, furniture and soft furnishings and other crucial details that "completes" the whole interior. A professional interior designer will help to ensure and co-ordinate all the above for you.
  • Clients may feel the pinch when incurring cost on the professional fee. However, just imagine for a moment how much more a client will have lost (in terms of money and time) when they make the wrong commitments due to inexperience of choosing fixtures and inaccurate measurements. Moreover with the help of long standing relation with vendors, professional designers will be able to negotiate better deals for clients.
  • For a fraction of the cost of your property, is it not wise to leverage the knowledge and experience of those who know best and to free yourself to do the things that you do best?
  • Design Matters! A good design truly improves the way you live as seen from the many examples around us to see and feel.

2. When should a client use a design professional?

  • When one is contemplating buying or building a new house…
  • When one plans a major addition to the home…
  • When one consider restoring an old houses or manors
  • When one want to renovate or remodel their living space…
  • Whenever you need to relate interior design considerations to an existing or as yet to be formulated architectural plan.
  • When client's lifestyle is about to change, for various reasons.
  • When your expanding family needs to "reorganize" space allocations…
  • Whenever client need full project coordination.
  • When a client's current furniture arrangement requires an infusion of inspiration…
  • When one feels the collectibles owned and loved require more attention…
  • When client's premises need an overhaul and there will be a need for new drapes, floor coverings, furniture and accessories…

3. How does one work with professional designers at DH?

At DH we interact with a client and assist him to determine the following parameters:

  • What are the client's goals for the space in question?
  • What is their furniture and decorating needs?
  • How many people will use the space and what are their specific requirements?
  • What activities will take place in the space?
  • What kind of budget they can afford or has in mind for the décor?

The interaction is documented actively and intently. By understanding a client's basic needs and desires, DH begin the process of building a one-on-one relationship with client, a relationship that sustains itself throughout the design and building process. It's how we succeed in bringing your dreams to reality.

4. How should a client create a Design Budget?

  • Discussing your affordability with the designers will help them arrive at an optimum design within your budget. DH will fit the best possible design for you within the budget that is beautiful to look at and pragmatic to inhabit.

5. What are the primary benefits of working with Design House?

  • DH has the knowledge, expertise and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes.
  • DH knows how to work with architects and contractors. They have established contact with skilled trade people, and they supervise and manage your project to completion, smoothly and on time.
  • DH will save you countless hours of shopping; after all the access to a wide range of domestic and foreign resources.
  • DH can help you define and enhance your own distinctive style.
  • DH can make the most of what you have and does the required research to find what you need.
  • Professionals at DH are trained to make the most of available spaces and to create the traffic patterns and furniture arrangements that make daily living functional, safe, comfortable and easy apart from looking good.


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